The Institute for Democracy SOCIETAS CIVILIS Skopje (IDSCS), in partnership with the Ohrid Institute for Economic Strategies and International Affairs (OI) and the Macedonian Institute for Media (MIM) will implement the project ‘CSOs Watchdog Network to Prevent Spoils and Conflict of Interest in the Public Administration’. The project activities will be realized in period from December 2013 to May 2015, in overall timeframe of 18 months.

The main project objective is to enhance the role and contribution of civil society in good governance and the process of EU integration. In particular, the project will foster the inclusion of civil society organizations (CSOs) and the wider civil society in the reform of public administration. The project activities will target local CSOs and the public administration at national and local levels. Local CSOs will be involved in monitoring of the public administration at the local level, as well as beneficiaries of the capacity building activities implemented by the project partners. Within the project, a Network of CSOs with a strategic focus to prevent conflict of interests and spoils in the public administration will be created. The project also envisions development of civil society Strategy for monitoring and raising alarm on the spoils of the public administration. In the framework of the project, a series of research activities will be conducted with a goal to assess the progress of the Republic of Macedonia in the reform of public administration, but also to measure the opinion of citizens and their satisfaction with the EU reforms in several areas through public opinion surveys. Especially important component of the project is informing the wider public about the trends in the public administration reform and the development of awareness on the harmful effects of the spoil system.

The project ‘CSOs Watchdog Network to Prevent Spoils and Conflict of Interest in the Public Administration’ is made possible with the financial support of the European Commission through the IPA Civil Society Facility program.