Anti-Corruption Talks in the Parliament

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The project “Anti-Corruption Talks in the Parliament” (ACT in the Parliament) includes advocacy and research in order to support the reform process in North Macedonia trough strengthening of the oversight role of the Parliament regarding anticorruption.

The project consists of 3 components: “Support”, “Growth” and “Share”.

The first component – “Support” will be the central one in the project because it foresees activities intended to support the Parliament for strengthening of its oversight functions when it comes to anti-corruption.

The second component – “Growth” will be “knowledge factory” aiming to build tools and knowledge which will serve as resources to the Parliament and the engaged stake holders so they are able to assess and reinvent their oversight role when it comes to anti-corruption and rule of law.

The third component – “Share” involves a wider audience as a tool of pressure by encouraging public debate on the forthcoming issue before interacting with stakeholders. This includes communicating with short messages on social media, or setting an agenda in collaboration with traditional media.

Project objectives:

The overall project objective is to support the reform process in North Macedonia through strengthening the oversight role of the Parliament regarding anti-corruption.

The first specific objective is to augment the role of the Parliament in terms of Rule of Law and the fight against corruption, by providing a forum with independent and regulatory bodies which work in the rule of law area;

The second specific objective is to complement the reform efforts by the institutions through providing sustainable knowledge base for tailor-made reforms and improvement;

The third specific objective is to educate the public on the priorities and the role of specific institutions when it comes to the fight against corruption.

Duration of the project: 12 months, 1st May 2019 – 30th April 2020

Approved funds: 35.000 $

The Institute for Democracy, in the period September, 2020 – August, 2021 will continue implementing the project “Anti-Corruption Talks in the Parliament” (ACT in the Parliament).

Duration: September, 2020 – August, 2021

Approved funds: 58.000 $

Donor and Partners: National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

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