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Policy brief: The Berlin Process. What worked and what did not work? And why?

The document analyzes the results of the Berlin process framework. It evaluates the progress made in terms of policies such as youth co-operation, infrastructure connectivity and bilateral issues. In addition, it notes that in terms of youth cooperation, success...


Policy brief: The Future of the Berlin Process

The Berlin Process is the only high-level political venue that exclusively focuses on the six remaining non-EU Western Balkan (WB) countries. Amidst the multiple crises within the EU that distracted the Union from enlargement over the past few years,...


Western Balkans and the Berlin process: What has been achieved so far and what are the next steps?

The overall objective of the project is to assess the extent of reforms derived from the Berlin process and their contribution to increased regional cooperation and improved policy-making in the Western Balkans. Whereas, the specific objectives are: 1) assess...


Analysis: Reinstating the Transformative Power of the European Union in the Western Balkans

“The European Union finds itself in the midst of multiplying crises. The possible secessionist crisis triggered by Brexit is the latest manifestation of Europe’s fragility and of the declining attraction of integration. An increasing lack of unity, caused by...