Senior civil service: Distinguishing between the political and the professional

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Selection of senior civil services based on the merit principle and the ability of the candidates is the basis for having a proper management with an institution as well as management of resources. Professionalization of the senior civil service and adoption of a Law that will prescribe all the standards for election, selection and operation is a long-standing problem in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Institutions are often managed by people with political party affiliation and unknown professional background, at the expense of qualified professionals that have merits and competencies. The lack of proper legal framework currently allows for abuse and allocation of job positions in non-transparent procedures based on social connections. The Law on Senior Civil Service, which should resolve this problem, has been in preparation for several years, and different institutions are shifting their responsibility for finalization of this Law. The expectations are that solution will be provided to the longstanding problems related to non-transparent appointments and allocation of job positions based on political party affiliation and the spoil system that are the basis for political coalitions at the expense of quality solutions. The Law should ensure that selection and appointment will be merit-based and the most appropriate candidates will be selected for a particular senior position.

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Senior civil service Distinguishing between the political and the professional

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