Poll: Public’s perception of the living conditions and social inclusion

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The Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” – Skopje, as part of the project “Promoting social inclusion through effective use of EU funding” conducted a national field survey. The survey consists of six groups of questions on the following topics: 1) society and living conditions, focused on the personal socio-economic situation of the citizens; 2) working status, focused on evaluation of workplace satisfaction, as well as work conditions and opportunities; 3)entrepreneurship, which covers questions for evaluation of the possibilities for entrepreneurship and the citizens willingness for entrepreneurial actions; 4) re-qualification, this group of questions evaluates the citizens willingness for professional re-qualification; 5) economic situation in the state, directed towards the citizen’s perceptions about the general economic situation; 6) social system, covers perceptions about the state social system.


The field survey was conducted between 6th July and 4th August by the Agency M-Prospect on a sample of 1600 interviewees on a working-age between 16 and 65. The sample is consisted of two sub-samples each with 800 interviewees. The first sample is comprised of inactive working population, unemployed (active and passive job seekers), students and retirees, and the second sub-sample consists of the active working population. Part of the questions relate to only one of the two sub-samples. The sample is representative by gender, age, and ethnicity, and has a representative geographical distribution. All results are a subject to ± 3% margin of error. This analysis comments the general results and the crossings between the questions in which the differences are significant.

Public opinion survey: Public’s perception of the living conditions and social inclusion

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