Institutional development of IDSCS through a grant from Civica Mobilitas

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Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” today received an institutional grant to develop its capacity as a civil organization from the civil society support programme “Civica Mobilitas” of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. IDSCS is one of the 20 institutional grantees who received this support in the second call of the programme. Besides institutional grants, under the programme seven organizations received special grants, five small action grants and nine ad-hoc action grants.

With this support the organization gets the opportunity in the next two years to enhance its institutional capacity, knowledge and skills of members in several areas that are important to its function as a modern civil society organization.

“Usually we as organizations are stuck in project cycles one after another after another and do not have time and opportunity to focus on our own upgrading and promotion. The serious crisis in which the country is at the moment requires a strong civil society to give new impetus, ideas, knowledge and energy necessary for society to return to the right track. Therefore the support this programme gives us is so important and unique. It will help us to commit to ourselves, to improve and then come out stronger and better prepared for the challenges” said Marko Trošanovski from IDSCS on behalf of all the organizations that have become grantees of “Civica Mobilitas. “


Swiss ambassador Sybille Suter Tejada, during the agreement at the ceremony of the grantees expressed satisfaction that many of the organizations are already significant drivers of change that initiated a series of activities that address the needs and interests of citizens.

“Civil society should be actively involved in the political dialogue and the development of democratic values and principles,” she said, adding that in the last few months civic participation is growing which is an indicator of the growing civil society. “These trends are probably the early stages, but they express very inspirational messages for the country’s future,” said Tejada.

The “Civica Mobilitas” supports civil society in promoting social change in (strategic) areas such as good governance, decentralization and development of civil society.

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