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Online public procurement systems and governmental public records can provide enough clues and evidence to detect cases of clientelism, corruption or misuse of public money in public procurement processes. Therefore, the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” organized а two day training for journalism students and young journalists on techniques of investigative journalism in the field of public procurement.  The training was organized in the framework of the USAID Macedonia Anti-Corruption Program.

The Croatian anti-corruption expert, president of the organization Partnership for Social Development and author of several researches that initiated corruption scandals, Munir Podumljak, presented the research techniques.

In the first part of the training Podumljak presented the theoretical framework about what constitutes corruption and clientelism, and what are the effects if such cases are extended to generally accepted practice in society. The second part included presentation of the concept, role and purpose of data – journalism or investigations based on data research. The participants were also instructed to the plan, structure and writing of journalist articles based on investigations according to high standards and reporting requirements.

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Sabina Fakic, a former journalist and editor and longtime researcher of public procurement processes within the CSO Centre for Civil Communications in the second day of the training presented the Macedonian system of public procurement procedures and the main sources of information on tendering procedures. The lecturers in the final part of the training worked on practical examples of data research, writing news stories and planning of researches that the trainees should conduct in the next 6 months.