Enhancing Regional Cooperation: Monitoring of the Implementation of the Vienna Western Balkans Summit Commitments

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The overall objective of the project is to improve policy-making process on regional level, and subsequently in the Western Balkans’ accession countries, through implementing joint actions of CSOs oriented towards monitoring the commitment made by the governments in regard to the Berlin Process and in regional institutions where the countries are participating.

Expected results are the following: 1) Implemented CSO joint actions and established CSO networks to sufficiently monitor the implementation of the commitment from the Berlin process and proposed alternative solution; 2) Advanced, innovative and coordinated civil society engagement mechanisms on regional level; 3) Established specific thematic areas for public policy cooperation with civil society in accordance with the Berlin process based on the Croatian experience and lessons learnt; and 4) Sensitized civil sector and public authorities in the accession countries of the Western Balkans for the importance of CSO engagement in policy-making.

Donor organisation: European Fund for the Balkans;

Project partners: Group for Development Policy (GDP), Serbia and Foundation ‘New Policies’ – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Timeframe: January 2016 – December 2016

Budget: €24.975

4-phase project implementation (preparatory phase, policy research phase, policy advocacy phase and monitoring and evaluation of the project impact) envisages the following activities: a) Recruiting the research team b) Preparation of policy research design and work plan; c) analysis of the institutional framework and broader social environment; d) mapping of public authorities competent for/charged with implementation of standards envisaged by the declarations, as well as identifying stakeholder CSO (with substantiated interest in the relevant policy area), e) policy and documentation analysis, f) data collection from public authorities and CSOs identified, g) preparation of the draft regional study, h) public promotional event and i) distribution of the regional study to all relevant stakeholders who participate in the survey for a peer review.

Project outcomes are: 1) Regional Study on implementation of the commitments (i.e. declarations) adopted on the Vienna Western Balkans Summit 2015 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Serbia and the participation of civil society in this area; 2) Regional meeting for the relevant national stakeholders from national countries and regional organizations and/or initiatives. 3) Policy brief – Development following the Paris Summit of the Berlin process.

Events connected with the project

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