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 No 50: The Balance of Powers: 200 Years of the Congress of Vienna  Download
 No 49: Deliberative Democracy in the Public Sphere and the Media  Download
 No 48: Reform of Public Administration and Local Self-Government  Download
 No 47: Functioning Market Economy and Social In(equality)  Download
 No 46: Models of Secure and Stable Integration: A Hundred Years after the First World War  Download
 No 45: Leadership and Institutions  Download
 No 44: Ethnic Conflict: New Perspectives of the Old Reality  Download
 No 43: Foreign Policy and Aspects of International Diplomacy  Download
 No 42: Economic Policies and Strategies in Times of Crisis  Download
 No 41: Elections and Political Parties  Download
 No 40: 10 Years Political Thought  Download
 No 39: Energy and Climate Policy  Download
 No 38: Media and Freedom of Expression  Download
 No 37: The Future of the Euro – Challenges for Financial Stability  Download
 No 36: Strategies for Regional Energy Security  Download
 No 35: 20 Years of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia  Download
 No 34: Ethnic, Social and Gender Equality  Download
 No 33: The Challenges of Educational Policy  Download
 No 32: Challenges in Implementing the Rule of Law in Macedonia and the Region  Download
 No 31: Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans on the Road to EU and NATO  Download
 No 30: Political Thought in Civil Society  Download
 No 29: Climate Change and Energy Policy  Download
 No 28: Market Economies in Crisis: Towards Recovery?  Download
 No 27: 20 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall  Download
 No 26: Politics and the Media  Download
 No 25: Democratic Institutions and Implementation  Download
 No 24: Values of Political Pluralism  Download
 No 23: Protecting Human and Minority Rights in Europe  Download
 No 22: NATO after the Bucharest Summit  Download
 No 21: Religious Freedom and Dialogue  Download
 No 20: Economy and Free Trade  Download
 No 19: Balkans’ New Look  Download
 No 18: EU an NATO  Download
 No 17: The European Community and 50 Years from the Treaty of Rome  Download
 No 16: Identities and Integrations  Download
 No 15: Political Values and Processes  Download
 No 14: 2006 Elections  Download
 No 13: Rule of Law  Download
 No 12: Regional Security  Download
 No 11: Profile of a European Politican  Download
 No 10: Challenges of the New International Politics  Download
 No 9:   Local Self-Government  Download
 No 8:   Religion, Ethics and Tolerance  Download
 No 7:   Europe 2004  Download
 No 6:   Elections, Campaigns and Leadership  Download
 No 5:   Poverty  Download
 No 4:   Globalization  Download
 No 3:   Education  Download
 No 2:   The New Non(security)  Download
 No 1:   The Big Challenge Called EUROPE  Download

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