These are the most used words by the Macedonian MPs on 10 plenary sessions held from August 25th to September 30th.

Words appeared in the cloud after analyzing the frequency of their use in the speeches of the MPs trough the transcripts from the sessions produced by the Assembly. The overall transcript from the sessions is 456 pages long, and it is noticeable that most frequent were the words used in parliamentary legislation procedures like: “Republic of Macedonia”, “law”, “amendment”, “respected”, “proposal”, “procedure”, “Assembly”, “commission”. From the topics that were discussed in the Assembly in this period most frequently mentioned were “Constitution”, “Government”, “violence”, Kratovo, “protection”, “debt”, “insurance” etc.

The word cloud is created through the application

Analysis of speeches of the MPs is part of the monitoring of quality of debate in the Assembly as part of the project “Parliament watch! Strengthening the political debate and deliberative discourse”.

The Second monitoring report of the quality of debate which refer to the same period as the word cloud showed increased interaction among members reflected through more frequent replies and counter-replies, but also that the discussion about legislative proposals generally remains weak.