The Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” Skopje (IDSCS) and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) have published the the second updated edition of the handbooks for the 2014 presidential and parliamentary elections in the Republic of Macedonia. 
The handbooks give an overview of the elections as well as the history of these elections in Macedonia, the electoral system, the candidates, the results, the campaigns and all other relevant information. The online pdf-edition of the handbook is available in Macedonian, Albanian and English language.
We would like to remind you that last year we also published a handbook on the 2013 local elections. 
We hope that you might find these handbooks interesting and useful. Bellow you can find the handbooks. 
The Republic of Macedonia’s 2014 Presidential Elections Handbook 
The Republic of Macedonia’s 2014 Parliamentary Elections Handbook