USAID Macedonia Anti-Corruption Programme

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IDSCS is one of the partners of the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation in the implementation of the Program for Combating Corruption funded by USAID. Aiming towards a corruption free Macedonia, the program includes activities and projects aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of civil society organizations and citizens to demand more accountability of the institutions as well as contributing to their higher integrity. Along with IDSCS partners with MCIC are the Association for democratic initiatives from Gostivar and Transparency Macedonia. Implementation of the project started on 1st January 2013, and will be implemented by September 30th, 2016. The total budget is 32.370.000 denars.

Besides the many activities IDSCS directly implements the following activities:

  1. Making an assessment of corruption risks with four institutions in the areas of health and education
  2. Training for students and young journalists on the theoretical aspects of corruption as well as research tools for journalists
  3. Encourage students and young journalists to prepare investigative stories on corruption
  4. Award prize for best investigative story
  5. Planning and establishing a platform of civil society organizations to combat corruption.


Events connected with the project

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