SELDI – Regional Network for Anti-Corruption

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Southeast Europe Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI) is a coalition of civil society organizations for good governance and anticorruption. Originally established in 2012 by 17 organizations, today it counts 30 members from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro. The goal of the coalition is to contribute to the formation of a vibrant civil society that is able to influence decision-makers specifically in the areas of good governance and anticorruption.

SELDI aims to implement the following activities:

  1. Building a coalition for development and promotion of a regional NGO strategy and agenda;
  2. Monitoring of good governance (including training, preparation of comparative studies, regional and localized anti-corruption reports);
  3. Spread awareness (including regional policy forums on topics of good governance and anticorruption fight, and presentation in the media).

Events connected with the project

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