Visiting Religious Buildings

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Within these 14 visits, the students had the opportunity of seeing the “Inkjar” Mosque and the Orthodox Church “The Dormition of the Mother of God” in Debar; “Sharena” Dzamija in Tetovo; the Catholic Church “Sacred Heart of Jesus”, the Synagogue “Beit Yaakov”, the Evangelist-Methodist Church in Skopje, the Orthodox Church “St. John the Baptist” and the Mosque “Mustafa Pasha” in Skopje; the Evangelist-Methodist Church and the Catholic Church “The Dormitioin of the Mother of God” in Strumica; the Monastery “Holy Saint Mary” in Kichevo; the Mosque “Mustafa Chelebi” in Struga; “St. John the Baptist” Bigorski Monastery in the Debar region; the Evangelist-Methodist Church in Koleshino, Strumica; the Catholic Church “St. Prophet Elijah” in Radovo, Strumica; the Female Catholic Monastery in Gevgelija; the Orthodox Monastery “Holy Mother of God Eleusa”in Veljusa, Strumica; the Catholic Church “Sacred Heart of Jesus”, the Orthodox Church “St. Demetrius the Great Martyr” and “Isak Chelebi” Mosque in Bitola. “These visits will raise the awareness for a greater tolerance towards other religious communities, different from our own. If we enhance the religious tolerance, we will also strengthen the democracy in the society, and the state itself. If we are more tolerant, many unnecessary conflicts will be evaded and we will keep the peace and increase the security in the society.”, stated Aleksandar Aleksikj, student at the Faculty of Security, participating in one of the visits. 
The visits were realized with the close cooperation and participation of students from the following universities: Institute for Ethnology and Anthropology and Faculty of Political Science at the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” from Skopje; the Faculty of Sociology and History at the State University of Tetovo; the School of Journalism and Public Relations; the Faculty of Tourism and Restaurant Service, Ohrid and the Faculty of Security, Skopje, part from the University “St. Clement of Ohrid” Bitola, the Faculty of Educational Sciences and the Faculty of Philology at the University “Goce Delchev” Shtip; the Faculty of Law at the University of South-East Europe from Tetovo; and the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Economy, the Faculty of Security and the Faculty of Political Science at the FON University from Skopje and its department in Strumica. 
The implementation of the project, financed by the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, will end on 31.12.2011, while in the up-coming period there will be a promotion of a video, depicting the results from the project and also presenting the visits to the religious buildings. 
More information on the activities of this project, as well as on each of the visits, can be found on the web-page: www.tolerancijadijalogsorabotka.mk 

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