Seven public events on topic “EU funds – opportunity or challenge for civil society” were organized during June and July 2011 in Radovis, Vinica, Demir Hisar, Delcevo, Gostivar, Ohrid and Mogila. These public events were part of the project activities of the project “Strengthening the civil society through capacity building: promotion local development through better utilization of EU funds”, implemented by the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” – Skopje, financed by the European Union through EIDHR 2009 programme.
The aim of the public events was to inform the citizens about the existing EU funding opportunities, for the citizens, civil society organizations, as well as for the units of local self government. The topic of the public events was determined after the 12 focus groups conducted in the framework of the first activity of the aforementioned project. Through these focus groups, the level of absorption of EU and IPA funds in this country was researched and analyzed, and many problems during the preparation of project proposals for grants were found.
The public events were moderated by Vasko Popetrevski – editor at the daily newspaper “Dnevnik”, as well as two experts from the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” – Skopje , Julija Brsakoska-Bazeroska (MA) and Ivan Damjanovski (MA)
Public events and focus groups will be utilized for the preparation of the training curriculum, which will serve for the trainings for preparation for EU project proposals, which will be organized in all eight regions of the country.


Public event in Radovis, 28 June 2011


Publlic event in Vinica, 30 June 2011


Public event in Delcevo, 6 July 2011


Public event in Demir Hisar, 7 July 2011


Public event in Ohrid, 8 July 2011


Public event in Gostivar, 12 July 2011


Public event in Mogila, 14 July 2011