Marko Trosanovski


Public opinion research, political culture, media, political communication

Ivana Najdovska

Program Director

Communications, program and grant management, good governance

Natasha Ilievska

Head of Finance and Administration Department

Financial management, financial reporting, budget development

Misha Popovikj

Head of the Centre for Good Governance

Anti-corruption, political culture, social values, nationalism and identity

Zoran Nechev

Head of the Centre for European Integration

EU enlargement, conditionality policy, Europeanisation, Western Balkans, justice and home affairs

Vlora Rechica

Head of the Centre for Parliamentary Support and Democratization

Multicultural policies, democracy and democratization, Parliament reform and good governance

Simona Atanasova

Communication Officer

Journalism, communications and public relations, digital marketing

Marko Pankovski

Senior Researcher

Good governance, authoritarian influence, regulatory impact assessment, crisis management

Aleksandra Jovevska Gjorgjevikj


Parliament, democratization, good governance

Martina Ilievska

Junior Researcher

Anti-corruption, good governance, gender issues, educational policies

Sara Janeska

Junior Researcher

Anti-corruption, good governance, parliament, civil society

Anamarija Velinovska

Junior Researcher

European integrations, political literacy, youth policies

Ana Pavlovska Nedelkovska

Financial coordinator

Financial management, financial reporting

Sanja Smilevska

Financial Assistant

Financial and administrative support

Ivan Nikolovski

Associate Researcher

EU integrations, Berlin Process, international relations, divided societies and social movements

Jovan Bliznakovski

Associate Researcher

Multicultural policies, identity politics, democratization and good governance

Nenad Markovik

Associate Researcher

Political theory, political philosophy, civil society, ethnicity, nation and state, political culture, political myth, good governance

Ivan Damjanovski

Associate Researcher

European integration, Europeanization, EU enlargement, identity politics

Ilina Mangova

Associate Researcher

Democratization, good governance, public opinion

Dragan Tilev

Associate Researcher

European Policies and Institutions, Stabilisation and Association Process, Accession Negotiations, EU Funding, Western Balkans, Administration

Marie Jelenka Kirchner

Associate Researcher

European enlargement and accession policy, South Eastern Europe, North Macedonia and EU

Denis Preshova

Associate Researcher

Constitutional Judiciary, Judiciary and Judicial Reform, Elections and Electoral Systems, Europeanisation of Law, Human Rights