Vision Mission Goals

On our path we share a VISION where people celebrate life and diversity.

In pursuit of this vision of prosperous democratic Macedonia we aim to achieve the following LONG-TERM GOALS:

  •   Balanced Socio-Economic Development;
  •   Active Citizen Engagement;
  •   Participative Political Culture;
  •   Embodiment of Liberal Values In The Society;
  •   Respect for the Rule of Law and Good Governance ;
  •   Promoting Sustainable Education;
  •   Achieving Evidence Based Decision Making ;
  •   Multiethnic and Multicultural Coexistence.

The development of Macedonia must take into account the need of both social and economic development. However, this development should be balanced in order to include different social groups and not create gaps between them. Greater social divisions are not contributing to a longstanding environment of peace and safety or to equal opportunities to everybody. IDSCS implements these ideas when developing projects and promotes the idea that society should work for everyone.

IDSCS is working towards promoting active engagement of the citizens. This is a very important factor of social development as it ensures greater inclusion of diverse groups and individuals in various initiatives, movements and organisations of civil society. Active citizens become agents of social change and a guarantee to the longevity of free institutions.

Active citizens contribute to the development of participatory political culture. This kind of political culture outlines the citizens as aware political beings bringing them closer to the decision making process. Active participation ensures the inclusion of various groups in the political processes and brings the institutions of government, civil society and the citizens closer to each other. This, on one side results in more open and responsible institutions of the state and of society, and on the other side, citizens with clear sense of ownership and responsibility. This participative political culture is one of the cornerstones of our activities.

While the instrument of good governance today is democracy, the values of society should be based on liberal values and ideas of freedom. Macedonia is a young democracy, however the transformation towards open society based on liberal values is a long-term process. Therefore, IDSCS is working on promoting ideas of liberty in a constant process of civic education. We are focused on emphasizing both individual and group freedoms and development of society which will cherish diversity and tolerance and will work against discrimination.

Respect for the rule of Law and Good Governance is a fundament of the democratic society. Rules in the society ought to be developed publicly and articulated widely. Moreover their enforcement must be applied in equal, fair and predictable manner. In this regard there should be no selective application of law, regardless of whatsoever. In other words this means independent and efficient judicial and legal systems, with a government that consistently and coherently applies fair and equitable laws.

The governance must remain cost effective, efficient, accountable and transparent or otherwise will recklessly exploit society resources and will devalue its social and human capital. The system should have sensibility for inclusion and enable participation of various segments of the society in the decision making process. Particularly in a diverse and multi-ethnic society as Macedonia it must be ensured that views of minorities and voices of vulnerable groups are heard.

In the pace of ever changing environment and social conditions the human capital nurtured through sustainable education is a must. IDSCS is devoted to provide both the state sector and the civil agents with the necessary knowledge and skills altered according to the peculiarities of the Macedonian society and its Euro-Atlantic aspirations. Through capacity building programs (curriculum development, trainings and workshops) we strive to achieve better understanding, critical thinking, proactive attitude, partnership building and greater participation of Macedonian citizens.

In order to stimulate and contribute to evidence based decision making based on coherent and consistent governance, IDSCS conducts research activities according to the highest standards of professional conduct. In the realm of sociometric research, through qualitative and qualitative research methods, we provide analysis and data (fact and figures) of social and economic phenomena and processes. Public debate, education and decision making ought to be based on indicators and scientific findings if we want to achieve greater accountability, efficiency, effectiveness and informed choices. Therefore this is one of the strongest imperatives of IDSCS.

Multi-ethnic and Multi-cultural Coexistence are core values of the Macedonian society. Deeply rooted and traditionally nurtured they are to be preserved and furthered by building bridges of religious tolerance, ethnic cooperation and understanding of the other. Cultural diversity emancipates human minds and extends our world views. Multi-cultural means multi-dimensional and as long as the decision making process takes it into account, the social development will be inclusive