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    Is the EU’s Accession Conditionality Paving the Way for a More Integrated Rule of Law Policy in the EU?

    EU enlargement has been one of the principal vectors of differentiation in the process of European integration due to transitional opt-outs from some obligations (and privileges) of membership (Schimmelfennig 2014). Also, EU accession conditionality has demanded compliance with conditions...


    Tweet Global, Connect (Only) Local? National Twitter Bubbles vs. European Interests in the Western Balkans

    To what extent are politicians from Western Balkan countries connected to their counterparts from other countries in the region? Do they follow political actors from the European Union? Or maybe rather national representatives? With permission of Twitter, IDSCS has...


    Skopje panel discussion: Transatlantic Perspectives and the Western Balkans

    The transatlantic integration of the Western Balkans requires aligning of the political and institutional interest of large players like US and Germany, local governments, regional and local civil society so it can be completed. The Balkans are one of...


    First regional think tank network will monitor the Berlin Process

    The SEE Think Net Network was established in mid-march 2018 with the generous support of the European Fund for the Balkans as the first regional network composed of civil society organisations that aim to monitor the topics related to the Berlin...


    Policy Brief: Fostering resilience in the Western Balkans

    It has long been assumed that the EU would take the lead in the transformation of the Western Balkans. Yet this assumption is no longer unchallenged. While the EU’s enlargement process seems to have lost momentum, other external players...