Skopje panel discussion: Transatlantic Perspectives and the Western Balkans

The transatlantic integration of the Western Balkans requires aligning of the political and institutional interest of large players like US and Germany, local governments, regional and local civil society so it can be completed. The Balkans are one of the three priorities of the transatlantic strategical approach in this period that includes security and european […]

Berlin Process policy paper – 2018 Western Balkans Summit: 3 key takeaways from London

The Western Balkans Summit in London was the first meeting within the Berlin Process after the adoption of the European Commission’s strategic document on the Western Balkans and the follow-up discussions during the Sofia Summit. The London Summit was the last station of a half-a-year long trip of the EU engine aiming to change the backsliding climate […]

SEE Think Net paper promotion tour: Three key takeaways from London Summit

The SEE Think Net and the Institute for Democracy are presenting new policy paper about the Berlin Process “ 2018 Western Balkans Summit: 3 key takeaways from London”. The paper is written by Zoran Nechev and Ivan Nikolovski from the Institute for Democracy, Jelica Minić from Evropski Pokret, Mariola Qesaraku from EU Policy Hub and […]

Global Encyclopaedia of Informality promoted in Skopje

What does it mean to be a “godfather” in Montenegro and Macedonia, “dear brother”in Finland or “small cousin” in Switzerland? How does “solidarity” work in Germany or counter-services in Chile, and what is the role of “blat”, ie, networks of favours in Russia? What are the informal practices that bypass, complement or replace formal rules […]