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    Presentation of policy briefs: How are the RIA processes planned and how stakeholder consultations are conducted

    The existence of a realistic and good plan for implementing the regulatory impact assessment processes and organizing substantive consultations with stakeholders are key elements for the creation of good research and assessment-based options. The assessment of these two segments...


    Shadow RIA: Two public policy documents, how to improve Regulatory Impact Assessment in Macedonia

    The implementation of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) process in Macedonia has so far shown serious shortcomings. Its importance has been recognized, but poor quality enforcement is hampered by its long-term sustainability. These are part of the findings from...


    Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Shadow: Fostering evidence-based policy making in Macedonia

    The Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” (IDSCS) with the Centre for Economic Analysis (CEA) will analyze how the process of Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) is implemented in the creation of laws and public policies in Macedonia and what are...