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    EFB: Declaration of a European Balkans Partnership

    The Balkans are back on the European agenda, bringing the possibility of more sincere relations and a new partnership. After years of dangerous neglect, rising authoritarianism and destructive meddling by external powers, the European Union (EU) has recently realized...


    Friday conference: European Union, Macedonia and what can we expect after the elections

    The Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” – Skopje in association with the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group – a joint initiative of the European Fund for the Balkans and the Centre for Southeast European Studies of the University...


    Analysis: Reinstating the Transformative Power of the European Union in the Western Balkans

    “The European Union finds itself in the midst of multiplying crises. The possible secessionist crisis triggered by Brexit is the latest manifestation of Europe’s fragility and of the declining attraction of integration. An increasing lack of unity, caused by...