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    „Quick” and „cheap” loans for expensive and aggravated capital project implementation

    Concluding direct agreements on capital infrastructure projects without public bidding, increases the risk of corruption. This could be observed in the agreement concluded by the Macedonian government at that time with the Chinese company “Sinohydro” on construction of the...


    A Call to the Members of the European Parliament and the individual member states of the EU and the Council of Europe and GRECO

    We, the undersigned members of the civil society of the Republic of Macedonia, strongly condemn the action of the Republic of Hungary in granting political asylum to former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. We demand that the Republic of Hungary...


    Presentation: Laws enable inadequately qualified persons to manage public and state enterprises and regulatory bodies

    There are no legal requirements or criteria that will guarantee selection of persons with experience and adequate knowledge and their appointment in the governing bodies of public and state enterprises and regulatory bodies as directors or members of the...


    Policy Brief: Balkan corruption – the China connection

    Macedonia had not yet fully recovered from the recent constitutional crisis when new details emerged revealing the acute governance problems besetting the country. Following the change of government, the Ministry of Transport and Communication has blocked the completion of...


    INFORM Newsletter #1: We research election corruption, leaders meetings, economy, the public, institutions and human relations in Western Balkans

    Case study overview In its first year of operation, INFORM researchers have produced five case studies on informal practices in four domains: politics, economics, interaction between the public and institutions, and regulation of interpersonal relationships. In the political sphere,...


    Report: Corruption in Macedonia is increasing, resistance to corruption decreasing

    The corruption pressure from officials (requests to pay bribe or provide favors) and the involvement of citizens have increased compared to the research conducted in 2014. This implies an increase in administrative corruption. If in 2014 every fourth adult...