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    Presentation: Laws enable inadequately qualified persons to manage public and state enterprises and regulatory bodies

    There are no legal requirements or criteria that will guarantee selection of persons with experience and adequate knowledge and their appointment in the governing bodies of public and state enterprises and regulatory bodies as directors or members of the...


    Report: Informal life of Political Parties in Western Balkan Societies

    In the Western Balkans, those who seek benefits from political parties have almost six times the odds to being pressured to exchange their vote for money/favors than those who do not seek help. The fact is revealed within the...


    INFORM: Presentation of a scientific research on political clientеlism in the Balkans on a New York convention

    Borjan Gjuzelov, associate researcher at IDSCS, presented the initial findings of the study “Political clientelism in the Western Balkans: Perpetuum mobile for re-election?” on the 22nd Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities which took...