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Blueprint – Proposal for urgent democratic reforms

This Blueprint represents a joint effort of a group of civil society organizations (CSOs) and is a product of synergy and cooperation between CSOs, academia and independent experts (Annex 1within the document). This joint effort is a response to the current political crisis, backsliding of democratic standards, rule of law and loss of credibility of institutions

The aim of the Blueprint is to provide an incentive, guidelines and detailed actions necessary for restoring the democratic standards and values, achieving progress in selected areas of public policy, as well as bringing back citizens’ trust in the key public institutions. The selected policy areas on are the following: Public Finance and Economy; Judiciary; Fight against Corruption; Elections and Election Sytem, Media; Public Administration; Control over the Police and the Security And (Counter)Intelligence Agencies; Parliament; Civil Society; Social Protection, Welfare, and Sustainability; Education and Youth Policies; and Environment.

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