Citizens Against Corruption

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In the next five years, IDSCS will be part of the “Citizens Against Corruption” program led by the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation. In addition to IDSCS, program partners include the Center for Civic Communications (CCC), the Chamber of Commerce of North Macedonia (CCNM), 360 Degrees, Investigative Reporting Laboratory, Macedonia (IRL), and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, Macedonia (BIRN).

The program’s overall goal is to increase the involvement and cooperation of citizens, civil society, media, and the private sector in the fight against corruption, leading to an improved response from state institutions and effectiveness in addressing corruption in all sectors at the national and local levels.

The entire program approach is based on a broad awareness-raising action that unites civil society, media, and the private sector. The program’s approach includes:


  • Evidence-based advocacy
  • Reform campaign
  • Collective citizen action against corruption
  • Financial support and mentoring
  • Media coverage of corruption
  • Private sector engagement in strengthening integrity


The program will be implemented through multiple activities organized in the following components:

Component 1: Enhanced knowledge and awareness of citizens in the fight against corruption and promotion of good governance and accountability.

Component 2: Civil society plays an active role in the fight against corruption.

Component 3: Media plays an active role in uncovering and addressing corruption.

Component 4: Private sector involved in the fight against corruption.


Direct beneficiaries of the program are citizens, civil organizations, civic activists, media, and the private sector.

Indirect beneficiaries are state institutions in North Macedonia.

Duration: April 3, 2023 – April 2, 2028.

Donor: United States Agency for International Development in the Republic of North Macedonia (USAID)

Approved funds: 5.998.487 USD.

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