Appeal to the public regarding the initiatives for amnesty for the events on 27 April 2017

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The Institute for Democracy appeals to the public about the initiative to adopt a law on amnesty from responsibility for the events in Parliament on 27 April 2017. The event was a violent attempt to prevent the change of government. The amnesty initiative puts into question the rule of law, the inviolability of the other’s life and the democratic processes.

At the same time, the intentions of such a law are in direct contradiction with the conclusions of the European Council regarding Macedonia. The conclusions clearly states that “…accountability for the attack on Parliament on 27 April 2017 must be established”. Consequently, this legislative initiative directly undermines Macedonia’s chances for starting the negotiations since it consciously goes against the Council’s conclusions.

The Institute for Democracy urges all parties to take into account the state’s strategic interests and Macedonia’s future. The prosecution should encourage and the courts should deliver justice regardless of the course of the reforms. Effective and non-selective justice for all by the judicial system is the main task for the future of the state. Justice is already late and will be additionally hampered by such legislative initiatives. Instead of an amnesty for the events on April 27, responsibility should be established for the perpetrators, but also for the organizers. Amnesty initiatives undermine the country’s positions in the wake of starting EU accession talks and discourage the honest citizens.

We all need to be responsible and aware that the values to which we strive should be part of our common vision and action towards a better society.

Institute for Democracy

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