Institute for democracy “Societas Civilis” (IDSCS) during June 15th 2018 until March 31st 2019 will implement the project “Improved good governance of state owned enterprises and independent state bodies” funded with UK aid from the UK Government.

The project will analyze the performance of public enterprises (PE) state owned enterprises (SoE), as well as independent state bodies (ISB) with regards to the competences of their management boards and the established procedures. It will assess whether there are procedures in place which make the managers of these institutions resistant to clientelism and corruption.

The project aims at initiating change in the governance culture of the target institutions as a sustainable basis for their long-term growth as well as a basis for improved self-reporting, so the institutions understand what they need to report to state oversight institutions, and the public.

The project will contribute to raising awareness about good governance of SoEs and ISBs, and provides the public with information about the way in which these institutions are managed and by whom. For such purposes IDSCS will present the policy outputs to the wider public through public events, infographics etc.

In addition, it contributes to the ongoing debate about appointments of governing board members and managers of public institutions. It also provides information which shift the focus of the debate toward low-profile but significant appointments which are equally important.

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Presentation: Laws enable inadequately qualified persons to manage public and state enterprises and regulatory bodies

There are no legal requirements or criteria that will guarantee selection of persons with experience and adequate knowledge and their appointment in the governing bodies of public and state enterprises and regulatory bodies as directors or members of the management and supervisory boards. Also, the laws under which these...

Improved Good Governance Of State Owned Enterprises And Independent State Bodies

  PDF: Improved Good Governance Of State Owned Enterprises And Independent State Bodies