In April, 2018 MCIC and IDSCS, together with M-Prospect, conducted a public opinion research for the fourth time, and the results thereof are presented in this report. The research should contribute towards a broader and more informed public debate on the name dispute which shall include all relevant stakeholders.

The 2018 Name Dispute – Public Views in Macedonia report shows the results of the public opinion survey conducted by MCIC and IDSCS for the fourth time, after the ones conducted in 2010, 2011, and 2013.

The research comprised of a public opinion survey. The public opinion survey was carried out as a field survey in the period from April, 5 to April, 20, 2018 on a representative sample of 1,004 respondents. The survey was implemented by M-Prospect, while researchers and authors of the research are Sasho Klekovski and Jasmina Mihailovska.

The report consists of introduction, including methodology, a brief history of the dispute, views of the citizens on resolving the dispute, national identity and other factors influencing the perceptions of the dispute, building a national position, expressing one’s opinion through a referendum, and expectations for a solution to the dispute. In the end, the report ends with conclusions.

The view against any change of the name, after the increase in 2013, fell back to the 2010 level. One in two citizens (47.1%) are against any change of the name, which after the increase in 2013 (62.3%) reflects a return to the levels from 2010 (48.4) and 2011 (45.3%). Among ethnic Macedonians, the majority (59.6%) is for no change, which is a fall from 2013 (79.7%). The least acceptable solution is an “erga omnes solution” which is unacceptable for 40.8% of the citizens.

Poll: The name dispute – Public views in Macedonia – 2018