Project 463: Monitoring transfers towards civil society organizations on local level

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The Institute for Democracy will work to increase the transparency regarding the ways of allocating funds for civil organizations by municipalities.

Through a project supported by the Metamorphosis Foundation, Foundation for Internet Society and the British Embassy in Macedonia IDSCS in three phases, will analyze current methods of programming and allocation of funds for support of CSOs by municipalities and will develop recommendations to improve transparency in this field.

The “Project 463: Monitoring of transfers to civil society organizations on local level” is consisted of set of activities grouped in three working packages.

The first working package included monitoring of the level of accountability and the procedures for allocating of funds towards the local civil society sector by the LSUs, that is obtaining primary and secondary data from the engaged stakeholders in the process of allocation of funds towards the CSOs;

The second working package is consisted of activities aimed to increase the awareness of the citizens regarding the methods of allocating funds and the overall level of transparency in this process, that is implementing an online campaign.

The third working package includes preparation of short policy brief with recommendations for increasing the transparency and the accountability of the local authorities in the process of allocation of funds designed for the local civil society sector. The project will cover 10 municipalities from Skopje, including the City of Skopje.

Activities will be implemented over a period of five months, from December 2016 to April 2017, with a budget of 306.638,00 Macedonian denars.

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