The Institute for Democracy „Societas Civilis“ Skopje (IDSCS), within the project „Agora Sessions – Practicing Participatory Policy Making“, starts with implementation of the on-line Policy Calendar.

The Policy Calendar aims to enable easy preview of the events and dynamics along the entire cycle of policy making in the field „rule of law“ and areas that are associated with it. The calendar will be useful for the civil society organizations and experts who implement advocacy activities, as well as for other stakeholders involved in the policy-making processes. The interested will have the opportunity to follow the preparation of regulations across several stages, of which the following are singled out as significant: beginning of the preparation of regulations through the Single National Electronic Registry of Regulations (SNERR,, scheduled public consultations in the process of preparing regulation (government procedure), closing the process of preparation of regulations on SNERR, plenary and committee sessions of the Assembly where relevant regulations are discussed, public debates/discussions in the Parliament, etc. In addition, the calendar will also preview the events organized by civil society organizations in the field “rule of law”, for which purpose we call on civil society organizations to inform us promptly on their events and activities.

The Policy Calendar is available on the website of IDSCS (; and as a Google calendar, in which the interested person can be registered and thereby get an overview to the published events through their personal Google calendar. In addition we list the steps for registration in the Policy Calendar:
1.    In your browser, open Google Calendar (;
2.    On the left side, find the option „Other calendars“ and click the down arrow;
3.    Select Add by URL;
4.    Enter the address of the Policy Calendar in the field provided: ;
5.    Click Add calendar. The calendar will appear on the left side, under „Other calendars“.

Note: It might take up to 12 hours for changes to show in your Google calendar. To be able to register on the Policy Calendar, it is necessary to have your personal Google account.

Additionaly, a person may choose to receive notifications on its e-mail address for each new event or may choose to have an overview only on the daily agenda. These are the steps required to make these settings:
1.    In your browser, open Google Calendar (;
2.    In the upper right corner go to Settings and choose Calendars;
3.    Select the Policy Calendar and then choose Edit notifications;
4.    Mark the options that you want to implement and click Save.

You can also import the Policy Calendar to other calendar platforms, such as Outlook, using the following link:  

The informations about the events that will be published on the Policy Calendar are taken from several sources: SNERR – Single National Electronic Registry of Regulations of the Republic of Macedonia (, the website of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia (, as well as invitations to events and consultations that will arrive to the Institute for Democracy from the civil sector and state institutions.

The implementation of the Policy Calendar is supported by the British Embassy in Skopje, as part of the project „Agora Sessions – Practicing Participatory Policy Making“. More information about the project „Agora Sessions“ can be found on the following link: