Organizational development grant

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Donor: Think Tank Fund, Open Society Foundation
The grant period: November 1, 2015 to October 31, 2017
Grant amount is 88.873$.

The main goal of this grant is develop and implement a plan for organizational change of IDSCS in direction of development of the think tank aspect of our work.

During the TTF grant period we will implement the following organizational changes:
1) Strengthening of strategic planning, which should contribute to better steering of the overall activities (adoption and implementation of strategic plan for the period 2015-2018)
2) Raising the organizational sustainability in terms of human resources (introduction of researchers at junior level; and adoption and implementation of procedures for retention and promotion of staff);
3) Raising the communications and advocacy capacity (introduction of new position: communication officer; creation of visual-graphical templates for policy studies, briefs and reports)
4) Setting up mechanisms for raising the quality of future policy products (trainings intended to deepen the analytical skills of the staff in fields related to our policy products 2015-2016; introduction of systematic peer review of policy papers; introduction of mechanism for involvement of stakeholders).

Events connectes with the project

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