The Institute for Democracy „Societas Civilis“ – Skopje will take part at the international workshop organized by Linum Foundation ( from Hungary, supported by Central European Initiative – CEI (

„Proud to be a European – The Importance of Active Citizenship“ is the title of the workshop to be held September 11-12 in Nagykovácsi, Hungary, with speakers and participants from 15 countries.

The main goals of the workshop are sharing NGO’s experiences and introducing best practices, with focus on young citizens’ approach to the EU: What do they know about it? How do they understand it? How the participation and activism of citizens could be enhanced with use of new technologies?

The themes that will be elaborated will also cover minorities and isolated countries, increasing public attention to the CEI and Visegrad cooperation, motivating citizens to act and to cooperate for better understanding, spreading both the Visegrad and the Central European idea, and finally, a course about how to contribute to positive developments in the countries of Central and East Europe and Balkan.

On the following link you can watch the promotional video for the event: