Within the project “Agora Sessions – Practicing Participatory Policy-Making”, a database of experts in the field of democracy and rule of law has been created.

The database of experts has the aim of facilitating the access of state institutions to expert knowledge in the civil sector, the academic community and more. It should serve the institutions when preparing analyses of existing laws, analyses of regulation’s influence assessment and other types of analyses, necessary for the creation and execution of public policies within the sphere of democracy and the rule of law. The database would also serve the institutions in enlarging their capacities in the process of EU accession, especially in the negotiations for chapters 23 and 24.

The document containing the database will be delivered to all state institutions working in the sphere of democracy and rule of law and it would also be available on the web page of IDSCS. Entering the database is voluntary, while IDSCS in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, article 8 paragraph 7, “Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” No. 7/05, 103/08, 124/10 and 135/11, preserves the right to expand the database with experts present in the public sphere, whose personal data is publicly available.

Supported by the British Embassy in Skopje as part of the project “Agora Sessions”. You can find more information on the project “Agora Sessions” under which the expert database is created, on the following link https://idscs.org.mk/mk/tekovni-proekti/81-agora-sesii/636-agora-sesii

The initial database of experts in an open document format can be found on the following link: (ODS)

The initial database of experts in Excel format can be found on the following link: (XLSX)