Parliament Watch: Report on the Quality of Debate in April

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The MPs in April have reduced the mutual interaction, considering the fact that the percent of individual speeches has increased, whereas the percent of claims and counter-claims has decreased. The MPs have most seldom matched their positions and arguments with the well-being of all citizens, compared to the last 6 months. On that account, MPs in April have mostly remained neutral i.e. did not match their arguments with possible gains or consequences for none of the social groups. 
In April, MPs discussed somewhat more argumentatively on the sessions, compared to last three months. They have ceased the trend of decline in argumentation in the discussions, with two or more arguments. In April, the percentage of such discussions marked a rise and reached 51% (in February – 43%). 
Yet, not a single MP has changed his position in favor of a better quality arguments, expressed in the discussion on behalf of other speakers. 
In April, the Opposition represented by 10 MPs had a 16% share in the discussions, which is the same as in March, but considerably less compared to February (29%). 
Somewhat bigger interest for discussion among the MPs in April, was initiated through the parliamentary questions, the proposal for amending the Law on Agricultural Land and the proposal for appointing members of the State Commission for Preventing Corruption. Great part of the remaining items on the agenda, went with a small, one-sided or no discussion at all. 
These are part of the findings in the Ninth report from the monitoring of the quality of debate in the Assembly from 1 to 30 April 2015:  
The word cloud of the most used terms on the plenary sessions on behalf of the MPs in April is attached. 
The previous reports on the monitoring of the debate in the Assembly and those on media reporting, within the project Parliament Watch, are available on the following link https://idscs.org.mk/mk/tekovni-proekti/sobranieto-pod-lupa. 

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