Parliament Watch: Fourth Report on Media Reporting

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The parliamentary sessions disputing the Opposition’s mandates dismissal and the amendments to the Law on High Education attracted the media attention in December. Nevertheless, despite covering these subjects, during this period the media yet again mentioned the Parliament mostly in the context of the Opposition Boycott and the wider political relations in the state. This month the public was only little informed on the work of the Parliament, referring to the items on the agenda. 
In December, the percent of information in the media citing sources from one political option decreased, while the percent of information citing both the Government and the Opposition MPs increased. 
These are part of the findings from the Fourth Monitoring Report on media reporting for the work of the Parliament mk al en conducted in the period from 1 to 31 December. 
The research contains published texts and TV reports from the following media: Dnevnik, Utrinski vesnik, Vcher, Sloboden pechat, Koha, Lajm, Sitel, Telma, Alsat-M and MRT2 program in Albanian language. The monitoring is part of the project “Parliament Watch: Strengthening the Political Debate and the Deliberative Discourse”, financially supported by the European Union.
The word cloud of the most frequently used words in the newspaper titles and the announcement of TV reports, referring to the Parliament is hereby attached. 
The previous reports from the monitoring on media reporting and the monitoring on the quality of debate in the Parliament can be found on the following link http://www.idscs.org.mk/mk/tekovni-proekti/sobranieto-pod-lupa . 

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