The adapted version of the “Discourse Quality Index” (DQI) used in the research of the quality of debate in Macedonian Parliament (Assembly) allows each individual speech act brought at parliamentary sessions to be coded according to several key characteristics:
•    Level of argumentation of each discussion;
•    Level of respect towards other MPs and their arguments;
•    Readiness and openness for changing the positions under the force of better arguments brought in the debate;
•    Content of justification or to whose benefits and costs refers the speaker;
•    Interruption or constraints towards speakers;
•    Use of inappropriate or abusive speech.

A link to the complete adapted Discourse Quality Index for the Macedonian Parliament research.

The monitoring includes the discussions on the following sessions in the Parliament:
– Plenary sessions
– Committee on constitutional issues
– Finances and budget committee
– Committee on the political system and inter-ethnic relations
– Committee on election and appointment issues
– Committee on European affairs
– Standing inquiry committee for protection of civil freedoms and rights
– Legislative committee
– Committee on local self-government

After each monitoring month, through monthly reports, the public will be informed about the main findings from the monitoring of the quality of debate in the Assembly. Separate reports are also published on the media reporting on the work of the Assembly.