IDSCS on SELDI regional workshop

20140620 seldi istanbul
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20140620 seldi istanbul

In the period 19-20 June 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey, the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” Skopje (IDSCS) participated on the Steering Board meeting and the policy advocacy workshop, titled “Improving Governance in Southeast Europe: a Civil Society Update and New Public-Private Partnership Solutions”. The event was organized by the SELDI regional network on anticorruption, in which IDSCS is a founding member. During the two-day event, the representatives of SELDI member CSOs discussed future activities of the network and presented the main findings of corruption monitoring in the region. On this event, two CSOs from Romania and Moldova participated for the first time in the SELDI network. With those additions, SELDI is now consisted by 19 CSOs from 11 countries.
SELDI is a network of CSOs from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Romania and Moldova established in the framework of the two-year project “Civil Society for Good Governance and Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe: Capacity Building for Monitoring, Advocacy and Awareness Raising” financed by the European Union.
Report from the workshop on SELDI’s web-page: http://goo.gl/vW17em

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