Jovan Bliznakovski, researcher in the Institute for Democracy SOCIETAS CIVILIS Skopje (IDSCS), in the period 16-17 May 2014, participated on the conference “Contemporary Challenges of Multiculturalism and Language Policy” held in the South East European University in Tetovo. On the conference, Jovan Bliznakovski presented the findings from the IDSCS research on enforcing language policies in the local self-government units. The findings were presented within the panel “Language Policies”, whereas the presentation was called “Official Multilingualism: Language Policies in the Macedonian Units of Local Self-Government”.
The research project “Local Language Policies for Non-Majority Communities: Tools for more effective Implementation” was conducted by IDSCS in the period November 2013- April 2014, financially supported by the  Slovakian and the Balkan Public Policy Fund. 
On this conference “Contemporary Challenges of Multiculturalism and Language Policy” organized by the Scientific Institute “Max van der Stoel” more than 50 presentations within 6 different panels were presented.