The Republic of Macedonia’s 2014 Parliamentary Elections Handbook

The seventh Parliamentary Elections since Macedonia’s independence and third in line snap elections for the composition of the Assembly will take place on 27th April 2014, together with the second round of the fifth Presidential Elections. The previous composition of the Republic of Macedonia’s Assembly voted unanimously “FOR” out of 117 present MPs on 5th March 2014 to bring a resolution for its dismissal, a year and three months prior to the end date of the regular mandate for the MPs obtained on the previous elections that took place in June 2011. The President of the Assembly, Trajko Veljanovski the following day on 6th March, within his constitutional and legal responsibilities, called for the elections1 on 27th April in accordance with the legal deadline, i.e. the elections should take place 60 days by latest after the Assembly is dismissed. The voting abroad which takes place in the Diplomatic and Consular Missions (DCM) is scheduled for a day earlier, i.e. on 26th April. The same day is scheduled for the ailed and infirmed persons will vote in their homes, as well as persons doing time in prison or who are sentenced with detention in a penitentiary institution, persons on parole in the places where they are constrained, and the internally displaced persons, who will vote in the collective homes or the response centers.

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