IDSCS is starting a project on local language policies

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During the period November-Aprli 2013, the Institute for Democracy SOCIETAS CIVILIS – Skopje (IDSCS) will conduct the research project ‘Local language policies for non-majority communities – tools for more effective implementation’. The goal of the project is to inform the decision-making and policy-making bodies of the Local Self-Government Units (LSGUs) in Macedonia on the policy choices regarding local language policies and to advocate their more effiective implementation.

The official use of non-majority languages on the local level represents a constitutional right of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, stipulated in Article 7 of the Constitution. More than one third of all Macedonian LSGUs have an obligation to provide official use of at least one of the non-majority languages, while some LSGUs have done this for more than one language on their own initiative. However, there are serious indications that local language policies are subject to implementation deficits due to lack of financial and human resources. Moreover, the implementation of local language policies is insufficiently researched by the civil sector and the academic community.

The project will provide a comprehensive overview of the main problems related to the implementation of local language policies and in this way it fill the research gap in the area. At the same time it will inform the national and the local stakeholders on the tools for more effective implementation of the constitutional right stipulated in Article 7 of the Constitution. As a product of the research process, IDSCS will publish a policy study which will be disseminated to all stakeholders. In the framework of the project IDSCS will organize a round-table attended by representatives from the national and local authorities, as well as representatives from the civil society organizations and the international community in the country.

The project is made possible with the financial support of the Slovak and Balkan Public Policy Fund.

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