Anti-corruption training in Skopje

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On 7-8 November 2013 the Center for the Study of Democracy, as coordinator of the SELDI initiative, in cooperation with its local partners from the Macedonian Center for International CooperationInstitute for Democracy ‘Societas Civilis’ – Skopje and Ohrid Institute for Economic Strategies and International Affairs held an anti-corruption monitoring training in Skopje. The training gathered representatives of the SELDI partners from nine countries, as well as local CSOs. The lecturers presented practical and methodological knowledge on corruption monitoring techniques. A particular focus of the training was CSD’s Corruption Monitoring System (CMS) and the required steps for the successful implementation of nine corruption monitoring surveys, planned for the beginning of 2014. The participants also discussed the main topics to be covered in the nine upcoming country-specific Corruption Assessment Reports, possible sources of information and policy recommendations. The training functioned as a platform for sharing experiences among participants in the field of corruption monitoring from various methodological angles: surveys for measuring corruption, interviews and investigative reporting.  The project partners were also pro-active in clarifying other important methodological and organizational information with regard to future steps and activities within SELDI network.




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