Conference call: ‘Europe, Here and There’

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The process of the EU integrations is often regarded as the top most political priority in the Western Balkan (WB) countries. Much wider  process labeled as Europeanization deeply protrudes in institutions and  social practices and gives rise to contesting discourses, linked  equally  to the past, present and future of the WB countries. The  Europeanization discourses are the framework in which questions of identity and  everyday politics are equally being recontextualized.

The role of mass media in Europeanization can be seen through different lenses. They offer images and texts as symbolic resources to think  about EU integrations, and in doing so they often serve elite agendas. They  also provide a space for discussion and exchange of arguments on EU  related topics; they build knowledge and understanding for the informed  debate and foster citizens’ participation.

This conference aims at gathering researchers interested in diverse Europeanization discourses, in representations of the EU and Europe, focused primarily but not exclusively on the Western Balkan counties.
Papers on the following kinds of topics are especially welcome:

–          Mass media and political discourses about  Europeanization;

–          Textual and visual representations of Europe;

–          Cross-discursive analysis of Europeanization (e.g.
Europeanization and Globalization, Economy and Europeanization);

–          Ideological layers in discourse about Europe and

–          Media representations of European cultural contexts;
–          The media role in forming European publics;

–          The potential of Internet to become an alternative  channel of
articulation of EU related views.


Please send abstracts of 300 words maximum in English to the organizers (europeanization@ff.uns.ac.rs). Submissions should contain a title  page with the title of the presentation, name(s), affiliation(s) and  contact data of author(s).


Participants will be notified about results by 30th April 2013.

There is no conference fee. Participants are expected to make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation and the organizers will  provide lunch and coffee breaks on the day of the conference.

The conference is organized as part of the project _Europe, Here and
There: Analysis of Europeanization Discourse in the Western Balkan  Media_ implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and  Serbia.
Working languages of the conference will be English and those  of  the above mentioned countries.

The conference is organized by the Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo and the Department of Media Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad within the project, with the support  of the Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans  which is run by the University of Fribourg upon a mandate of the Swiss  Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC, Federal Department of  Foreign Affairs.

Jelena Kleut
Teaching and International Cooperation Assistant


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