The Institute for Democracy joined the Declaration initiated by the Macedonian Women’s Lobby, the Women’s Civic Initiative Antico and the National Council for Gender Equality – NCGE, which was sent to the political parties, with the aim of having at least one third female mayoral candidates on the Local Elections 2013 and being included in concrete goals towards promotion of gender equality in their electoral programs. 
IDSCS considers gender equality to be one of the basic principles of democracy and points out that a constant dedication to this matter is necessary for the development of democracy in Macedonia. In the last decade, there was a considerable progress towards changing the laws, leading to an increased participation of women in the political processes. These legislative measures caused a considerable rise of the number of women in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and the municipality councils. Nevertheless, the absence of women is noticeable among those job positions not having lawfully assigned quotas, guaranteeing the participation of the females, such as: ministers, mayors, executive positions in political parties and managing boards. A balanced participation of women and men on these positions is necessary for creating and implementing gender sensitive policies, thus providing equal opportunities in the political, economic and other social processes in the country, irrespective of the gender. 
IDSCS expects that the political parties will seriously consider the call of this Declaration and that at least one third of the nominated candidates for mayors and councilors on the Elections 2013 would be women.